Random Act of Kindness

I was sure my very first blog post would be a review of a DVD. I mean that is the whole idea behind the blog. As I’ve been setting things up, I have been thinking about which DVD to review and how exactly I’m going to do it.

But then today one of those things that only happens on the internets happened to me, and I knew instantly what my first post would be. At lunch in the company cafeteria, one of my colleagues who I only sort of know was in there. We made small talk in the line and then happened to be at the register at the same time. AND HOLY CRAP HE BOUGHT MY LUNCH!!!!!

As a professional cynic, I really never believed all the stories you hear about that kind of thing. But I’m here to tell you all, it really did happen to me.

So with that, I mark my first post. I still have the quandary of what my first review will be, but I’ll figure that out. And now I have a new quandary. How will I pay this forward?

2 thoughts on “Random Act of Kindness”

  1. You only get one chance at first impressions, and you chose to take the high road for your opener. I don’t like fitness or DVDs, but I love eating and tv of all sorts. It seems like you’ll be dancing around those subjects if I stay tuned.

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