Halloween is big business around here. Not only do we get bombarded with trick-or-treaters, some of whom seemed to be driven to my street (?!?!?!? Back in my day we walked. Until our feet bled. Because that’s the way it was and we liked it!), but there are many other important festivities: the work Halloween costume contest and my Poet’s birthday!!!!

The Halloween costume contest has gone from being about the costumes to being more of a dance and acting contest. We, however, are purists, and also no one wants to see our “dancing” or “acting”. So we stick with what we know best: tape, cardboard, and glue. Here is this year’s losing costume:

photo 4

But on to the real celebration. Poet’s 14th birthday! I wasn’t sure if we’d have a birthday to celebrate this year, but my girl is more spunky than ever. ┬áHere are a few shots of the party and her costume

IMG_1466 IMG_1464 IMG_1478IMG_1452

Needless to say Halloween was more about food than working out, so I need to do some repenting this week. I hope you all enjoyed a few extra snacks that day too!

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