(American) Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

And to my Canadians and my one faithful reader temporarily in Malaysia, happy Thursday! I hope everyone had a wonderful day eating and drinking. If you snuck in a workout too, great! But if not, that’s OK too! You deserve a break every now and then. You can repent for it tomorrow. As I noted in my last post, since I’m in repenting mode, I did my favorite repenters workout this morning. It’s longer than my normal workout, and you have to do both parts of the workout to make it count. The two individual segments are pretty easy, but the two combined are totally brutal. I’ll write a review on it someday, but in the meantime, I recommend Jillian’s Extreme Shed and Shred if you need a little workout boost.¬†You can stream this on Amazon, or a resourceful person might look on YouTube. Just saying.

Since my parents were here earlier this month, I considered our visit and eating binge my Thanksgiving. But in honor of the holiday, at the last minute I bought a Tofurkey and cooked it up today. I whipped up some veggie gravy and with a leftover can of cranberry sauce (I love that shit, don’t judge), some rolls I had in the freezer, and of course some butter, we called it Thanksgiving. Poet and our guest for the weekend, Major, weren’t really interested in the Tofurkey, but they were thankful for a nice walk on warm day.

Since nothing is more American than consumerism, I did some online shopping to take advantage of the Thanksgiving/Black Friday sales. I have never, and will never, go shopping on Black Friday, as a I can’t stand people and crowds. We’ll walk down to the pet store in the neighborhood, Biscuits, and maybe buy a little post-Thanksgiving treat for the mutts, but that will be the extent of our shopping tomorrow.

Let the holiday madness begin. And try to keep your workouts a priority, even if they’re abbreviated, something is better than nothing.

2 thoughts on “(American) Thanksgiving”

  1. Lol! I know who that faithful reader in malaysia is! Subscribed for new post notifications, yo. I have eaten too much and exercised too little. Back to regular workout schedule when I get back! I’m gonna be needing some Jillian recommendations

    In response to your previous post, i just feel very sad when holidays are over and everything just tastes bland. Bleurgh. And that’s how I’m planning to shred the post-holiday weight!

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