And we’re back….

Hello cheezheads!

Sorry for the long hiatus. There has been a lot of cheeze eating going on around here! Seriously, life has just been busy! But after a nice long sleep last night (thank you, beer walk ) I’m up for a little blogging. I believe we left off with the editor-in-chief scheduled to get her hair did. Here’s a before and after of that.




haircut-after haircut-after

Isn’t she beautiful!

That was immediately followed by a visit from my old DMB buddies to see some Dave and Tim shows in Oaktown. A good time was had by all. We were up until 4 am playing Cards Against Humanity. 4 am! Don’t nobody got time for that! Here’s a little clip from the show, if you’re so inclined–Dancing Nancies.

d&t show d&t showcards against humanity

In other news, the editor-in-chief and I went to Tahoe to visit our friend who just moved up there. We binged on Serial on the drive. If you have not listened to this podcast, what are you waiting for? It’s so good! I won’t reveal too much in case you haven’t listened. There’s just one thing that I can’t quite reconcile. Let me know in the comments what you think.

Since there is basically no snow in Tahoe and my oldism in my back was settled in,  we went on a few hikes instead of skiing. As we were wandering around we stumbled upon a nude beach. With people on it. In January. In the buff. Go figure.

And no trip to Tahoe is complete without a trip to the dog water park–Poet’s favorite. She showed all those other dogs who was boss! After all that fun, here was what she felt like at the end of the day.



And here is one of our gracious hosts



And my last update is, I got a new couch for my new reading nook! Now i just need some other furniture. Thanks mom!


So with all this, where do my workouts stand? I am proud to say that I completed my January challenge (with a bonus week thrown in because, well, beer, bread, and cheez) and am so glad to be back to normal workouts.

I am not doing as well with water drinking. It’s been super busy at work and it’s hard to commit to the water when I’m not at my desk. But I’m going to recommit starting tomorrow! Someone did notice my DMB water bottle one day at least.

Hope you all had a fun a weekend.

Here’s to a healthy week.

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