Fun in the Sun

While most of you are freezing to death, we had summer this weekend in California! We headed to the beach, along with everyone else. Once we were there, there was much fun to be had. Poet had a grand time chasing her toy in the sand, and we had a nice long walk on the bike trail that goes on the coast. We found a pizza place at the end of the trail, thank goodness, because we were starving (Poet loves pizza).

Who’s tuning in to the SNL anniversary show? The internets tells me it’s really good. I’ll probably watch it in like 3 weeks, because it takes me forever to do anything. Let me know what you thought of it.

Tomorrow is one of my favorite holidays, Presidents Day. As an aside, because I love grammar, i looked up the correct spelling. Google results were mixed. i went with the most likely, and the one i believe is correct, candidate. I’ll stop before this turns into a grammar blog! Anyhoo…why do I love Presidents Day? Because it’s a day off work (duh) and not everyone has it off. So you can go out into the world and see this strange place with empty roads and stores and no lines.┬áIt’s this wonderful world where I don’t want to commit homicide within 3 seconds of leaving my house. Too bad you have to be retired to enjoy such a universe. Except for Presidents Day. It’s like spending an afternoon in a unicorn garden.

I hope you have tomorrow off and get to sleep in. Just stay out of my way on the roads!


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