Merry Christmas

Well for the past several days at least two of my feedings a day have consisted exclusively of bread and cheese, so it’s been a good week. I hope your holiday celebrations, whatever they may be, are treating you well. In my family cookies are serious business. I ate at least 6 tonight, so I’m pretty proud of myself.

Before the eating season closes out, I want to share a super easy candy recipe I made this year, to rave reviews. If you aren’t familiar with the Brown Eyed Baker food blog, I highly recommend this site! She has a lot of great recipes, including this one for Slow Cooker Chocolate-Covered Peanut Clusters. This recipe is super easy to make and the chocolates are delicious. Sorry for the terrible picture.



Hope Santa brings everyone what they want this year!

Festivus and Food

Happy Festivus to one and all!

I’m preparing for the feats of strength later today. Glad i completed my December challenge! Hopefully all that kettle bell lifting has bulked me up for the fight.

How is everyone doing on the December challenge? I completed mine on Friday 12/19. I’m so glad I did it. While December has been filled with cookies and candy and eating, I feel like January will be a little less painful for just those extra 15 minutes a day. By the end of the challenge, the kettle bell felt a little lighter than when I started on December 1st.

So what are we all eating? Last night I went to my favorite journey to the 1970s, Big Jim’s. This is a restaurant down the street from my parents house, where the portions are big and the people are bigger! It was featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. Monday is spaghetti night. All you can eat for like $3.99. I got a refill, cuz when in Rome.

sketti night

In addition to stuffing myself with pasta, we’ve been in indulging in sweets. For example, everyone’s favorite, the hershey’s kiss pretzels.



OK, off to fight my father!

Meatloaf, Cookies, and December Challenge Update

How is everyone coming with the challenge? I’m over 1/3 of the way done and I am glad for that! I completed day 6 this morning! Took off yesterday because, you know, Saturday. I’m on track to finish before my holiday travel! If you’ve fallen off course or haven’t started yet, now is the time to jump in. You still have plenty of time before the end of the month.

Unfortunately for me, the highlight of my day was my workout time. I am now officially one of those people who makes their dog’s food, and I spent Friday evening and today preparing two months of doggie meatloaf. The whole process is absolutely disgusting and involves boiling and picking whole chickens and digging my (gloved) hands in ground beef and other sundries. Have I mentioned I’m a vegetarian? Lest you think I’ve lost my mind, Poet needs to eat a special diet these days, and she refuses the gross prescription food. So every two months or so, I cook up my special blend of meat, veggies, and love and stock my freezer. Of course, she’d rather eat garlic naan and strawberries for every meal, but we don’t always get what we want.

Since the kitchen was already a mess, I decided it was time to dive into some holiday baking. I’ll save the specifics for later posts, but it was really hard for me to stop eating after having my test pieces. Since I’m giving most of it away as gifts, and don’t want to make a second batch, I controlled myself. Laziness will always win.

You can imagine what a disgusting, meaty mess I had to clean at the end of the day. Ugh. It was really tempting to let everything “soak” overnight, but we all know that it would be even worse tomorrow, so I powered through and got it all cleaned, even the gross stock pot.

Have a great week ahead. 17 shopping days left!

Rain!!! And Day 2 of the December Challenge

Happy Tuesday!

How is everyone coming with their December challenge? So far I am 2 for 2! This morning I had to set the alarm for 6 am to make sure I got my extra 15 minutes in. Ugh. It was awful.

Today was one of those days that reminded me of why I prefer to workout first thing in the morning. I was supposed to meet my friend in the gym at work at 4. Instead, I was stuck in a meeting that ran over by an entire hour! It’s cold and rainy here and tonight was a perfect  night to just curl up on the couch with a book. But instead I powered through my workout after I got home and then took Poet for a walk during a break in the rain. Of course I locked myself out as well, to sum it all up. (I have a backup method of  door unlocking for such situations)

Here are a few shots of Poet in her rain coat, which of course she hates:

IMG_2195 IMG_2003

Tomorrow I have to be at the dentist early, so I’ll have another early wakeup to get my extra 15 minutes in.

What time of day do you prefer to workout?

(American) Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to All!

And to my Canadians and my one faithful reader temporarily in Malaysia, happy Thursday! I hope everyone had a wonderful day eating and drinking. If you snuck in a workout too, great! But if not, that’s OK too! You deserve a break every now and then. You can repent for it tomorrow. As I noted in my last post, since I’m in repenting mode, I did my favorite repenters workout this morning. It’s longer than my normal workout, and you have to do both parts of the workout to make it count. The two individual segments are pretty easy, but the two combined are totally brutal. I’ll write a review on it someday, but in the meantime, I recommend Jillian’s Extreme Shed and Shred if you need a little workout boost. You can stream this on Amazon, or a resourceful person might look on YouTube. Just saying.

Since my parents were here earlier this month, I considered our visit and eating binge my Thanksgiving. But in honor of the holiday, at the last minute I bought a Tofurkey and cooked it up today. I whipped up some veggie gravy and with a leftover can of cranberry sauce (I love that shit, don’t judge), some rolls I had in the freezer, and of course some butter, we called it Thanksgiving. Poet and our guest for the weekend, Major, weren’t really interested in the Tofurkey, but they were thankful for a nice walk on warm day.

Since nothing is more American than consumerism, I did some online shopping to take advantage of the Thanksgiving/Black Friday sales. I have never, and will never, go shopping on Black Friday, as a I can’t stand people and crowds. We’ll walk down to the pet store in the neighborhood, Biscuits, and maybe buy a little post-Thanksgiving treat for the mutts, but that will be the extent of our shopping tomorrow.

Let the holiday madness begin. And try to keep your workouts a priority, even if they’re abbreviated, something is better than nothing.


Sorry for the lack of posting recently! My parents came to visit for about 10 days. Which translates to a 10 day feeding frenzy. While had a grand time eating our way through the Bay Area and beyond,  it’s time to return to normal food consumption levels. The nice thing about vacations is that you usually at least walk around a bit more than normal, but that doesn’t really make up for the mac-n-cheez, cream cheez, and bread pudding. Oh yes, there was bread pudding! I’m easing back into normal, as it’s hard to just go cold turkey. How do you recover from vacation eating? Leave your tips in the comments.


Halloween is big business around here. Not only do we get bombarded with trick-or-treaters, some of whom seemed to be driven to my street (?!?!?!? Back in my day we walked. Until our feet bled. Because that’s the way it was and we liked it!), but there are many other important festivities: the work Halloween costume contest and my Poet’s birthday!!!!

The Halloween costume contest has gone from being about the costumes to being more of a dance and acting contest. We, however, are purists, and also no one wants to see our “dancing” or “acting”. So we stick with what we know best: tape, cardboard, and glue. Here is this year’s losing costume:

photo 4

But on to the real celebration. Poet’s 14th birthday! I wasn’t sure if we’d have a birthday to celebrate this year, but my girl is more spunky than ever.  Here are a few shots of the party and her costume

IMG_1466 IMG_1464 IMG_1478IMG_1452

Needless to say Halloween was more about food than working out, so I need to do some repenting this week. I hope you all enjoyed a few extra snacks that day too!

Random Act of Kindness

I was sure my very first blog post would be a review of a DVD. I mean that is the whole idea behind the blog. As I’ve been setting things up, I have been thinking about which DVD to review and how exactly I’m going to do it.

But then today one of those things that only happens on the internets happened to me, and I knew instantly what my first post would be. At lunch in the company cafeteria, one of my colleagues who I only sort of know was in there. We made small talk in the line and then happened to be at the register at the same time. AND HOLY CRAP HE BOUGHT MY LUNCH!!!!!

As a professional cynic, I really never believed all the stories you hear about that kind of thing. But I’m here to tell you all, it really did happen to me.

So with that, I mark my first post. I still have the quandary of what my first review will be, but I’ll figure that out. And now I have a new quandary. How will I pay this forward?